The Best Ice Cream Maker We've Known

The Ice Cream Maker was started in memory of Gisele Arnold-Robert – the best ice cream maker I've ever known.

the ice cream maker Gisele Arnold-Robert

My mother was an adventurer. In an era when most women were content to stay put, she traveled around the world – first as a flight attendant, at a time when that was just about the most glamorous profession around, and later to help her husband in his work. By the time she became a grandmother, she had lived in over 40 different countries around the globe.

Her other passion was cooking and she combined both by studying and learning the culinary traditions of every country where she made a home for us.

Her cooking talent was so remarkable that she worked as a culinary consultant to high-end restaurants all over the world, from Stockholm, Sweden to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since she tried out all her recommendations on us at home, you'd be hard put to find an exotic spice she hadn’t used or a kitchen utensil she didn't own.

Despite her vast repertoire, there was one thing that she never tired of making – or at least, that we never tired of asking her to make for us – and that was ice cream.

From plain vanilla ice cream to Indian cardamon khulfi or basil and tomato sorbet – not to forget the Gewürztraminer and Champagne ice cream she always served on New Year's – no flavor was too unusual to experiment with.

Our expertise with ice cream makers comes from many years of working with the different models used in her professional-level kitchen. Almost all the recipes on this site are the result of her experiments – although we might have tweaked them a bit here and there to suit the tastes of our own families.

We hope you’ll take these recipes and make them your own, too, by having fun in your kitchen, being brave in your experimenting and sharing them with the people you love in the generous spirit with which we offer them to you.

Bon Appétit!

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