Compressor Ice Cream Maker Reviews

This is the professional way to make ice cream at home.

A compressor ice cream maker is a machine with a built-in self-cooling unit. You pour in your ingredients and the machine does the rest, churning and freezing on its own. There is no need for ice, salt or even pre-freezing a canister.

There are three big advantages to this kind of automatic ice cream maker.

  1. Convenience - You can make ice cream at the drop of a hat, without pre-feezing a canister overnight before you start. The only planning ahead you have to do is to provide the ingredients for your recipe.

  2. Quantity - You can make several batches in a row, which you can't do with a typical canister-type machine (unless you have multiple canisters stored in the freezer.) So although your machine might only make one and half quart of ice cream at a time, with most compressor models, you could easily be churning out three quarts an hour all day long.

  3. Quality - If you are used to making ice cream with an electric ice cream maker - the kind with the gel canister - it is hard to imagine just how much better your ice cream could be if you were using a compressor ice cream maker instead until you do it - and are completely blown away.

compressor ice cream maker

If you are looking for a stainless steel ice cream maker, you'll have to choose from the self-cooling automatic machines, as they are the only ones made that solidly. (Note that only some - not all - are made of stainless steel. Both Lello gelato makers, for example, are made of sturdy plastic.)

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