Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

The Cuisinart ice cream maker collection features 7 different models, all of which are top performers.

Cuisinart has been known for manufacturing great quality appliances for cooks since it unveiled its first product – the food processor – in 1973. The company’s attention to quality and solidly built machines is evident in how it makes its ice cream machines.

Two Cuisinart machines make our list of the top three best ice cream makers, and these models are consistently winning similar rankings in other reviews and cooking magazines.

cuisinart ice cream maker ice-20

One of the Top Three: the ICE-20

The seven machines include six different gel-canister Cuisinart automatic ice cream makers, and one self-cooling compressor ice cream maker. Models range from 1.5 quart to 2 quart capacity.

The company also provides a full range of parts, in the unlikely event you should need a replacement cover or paddle. It also offers extra canisters for each model. This is useful if you want to make several batches of ice cream and have the freezer space for them.

Please note, however, that despite their names, none of these machines actually make yogurt. They may freeze it, to make soft-serve frozen yogurt, but you'll have to supply the yogurt yourself.

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