Fried Ice Cream Recipes

Fried ice cream recipes are actually quite simple to make at home and make for spectacular desserts. This dish is typical of such far-flung places as Mexico, Asia and Ireland. (It just goes to prove that delicious things are global!)

Of course, the fun of this concoction is the paradox of combining opposites – dunking frozen ice cream into the boiling deep fryer. As strange as it sounds, this meeting of opposites is something quite special.

fried ice cream recipes

Photo by mackarus, courtesy of flickr, under a CC by 2.0 license

In all versions of this dessert, the ice cream is first coated with either batter or crumbs that will form a shell once it is deep fried. Mexican recipes tend to use cornflakes or cookie crumbs for the crust. The typical Asian recipe uses a tempura kind of batter made from flour.

The secret to success is to freeze the ice cream well below its normal storage temperature so that it is very hard when you dunk it in the hot oil.

What's your mood? Choose your recipe for fried ice cream:

Asian deep fried ice cream

Mexican fried ice cream

Note that each of these recipes assumes you have a quart of ice cream already made (or bought).

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