Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

The Hamilton Beach ice cream maker comes in two version: a 1.5-quart model, and a 4-quart old fashioned ice cream maker that uses rock salt and ice. Click here for our review of the 4-quart model.

The 1.5-quart machine is an electric ice cream maker with a gel-filled canister. As with all machines of this type of electric ice cream maker, the canister must be pre-frozen. Assemble the machine, turn it on, pour in your ingredients and 20-30 minutes later, you've got ice cream.

This one comes with an entry-level price tag, which makes it very attractive. It also makes decent ice cream.

We also especially like the extra large spout for adding ingredients.

hamilton beach ice cream maker

Hamilton Beach 1.5-Quart ice cream maker


  • 1.5 –quart capacity

  • Plastic construction

  • Large ingredient spout

  • Recipe booklet included

There are few minor design flaws – the sloping cover is hard to put down on a counter when you remove it, and that bucket-like handle is cumbersome and unnecessary. The company touts it as a "go anywhere" feature, but let’s be honest, how often do you walk around town toting your ice cream maker in hand?

Nevertheless, this ice cream maker gets top marks from customers for the good ice cream it makes, how easy it is to use, and for being easy to clean. It's also the cheapest well-rated electric ice cream maker.

A good buy.

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