Healthy Ice Cream Recipes
Soy Ice Cream, Sugar Free Ice Cream, Low Fat Ice Cream Recipes

Healthy ice cream recipes serve to make everyone happy – kids and grownups with the delicious flavors, and moms who keep on top of their family's well-being.

There's nothing intrinsically unhealthy about ice cream, of course, if you eat it in moderation. (That's the premise, after all, of the ice cream diet, which includes 1 cup of the treat on each healthy daily menu.)

Nevertheless, you may be on a strict low fat or low carb diet. Perhaps you or one of your children is lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy. Thanks to these healthy ice cream recipes, there's no reason to go without!

There are almost as many variations of healthy ice creams as there are imaginable flavors. We've assembled some truly delectable recipes and organized them so you can find one right away, regardless of which health issue concerns you most.

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We'll be posting non-dairy ice cream recipes, soy milk recipes, low-fat, no-sugar and low-carb recipes.

Although you'll find several recipes in each category, consider them springboards. In each section, we'll explain our thinking so you can go forth and try these recipes with other flavors or adjust favorite recipes accordingly. You can also add a scoop of any of these to homemade fruit smoothies for a delcious, healthy treat.

Take your pick, have fun experimenting and enjoy!

Soy Milk Ice Cream Recipes

Soy milk is an ideal alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, vegans and others who need to avoid dairy products. Not only is soy non-dairy, it's also usually low fat and often calcium fortified.

Soy cream and tofu are two other products you can also use. They produce a richer, smoother dessert than soy milk alone.

Because soy milk lacks the butter fat of milk and cream, soy milk ice cream is often less smooth and freezes harder than ice cream made with cow milk. You'll have to plan on taking the container out of the freezer a while before you intend to serve dessert.

For this reason, you'll see many of our recipes include optional liqueur. We add splash or two of liqueur because, besides adding a twist of sophistication to any desert, alcohol will keep the ice cream for freezing as hard as it would otherwise.

Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipes

There are lots of ways to sweeten ice cream without using refined cane or beet sugar. No - we don't use Splenda ... or Sweet n Low or any of that fake stuff. (Substitute them in our recipes at your own risk!)

Since we believe one of the great benefits of making your own ice cream is knowing you've used only the freshest, purest ingredients you can find, we try to find natural alternatives to sugar for our healthy ice cream recipes.

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