Ice Cream Accessories:
Serve Ice Cream with Fun and Style

Ice cream accessories add much to the ritual of serving ice cream and to the enjoyment of those eating it. True, you can eat ice cream with a disposable spoon right out of your ice cream maker, but that's the kind of primitive pleasure best enjoyed alone. If you plan on actually sharing the stuff, then serving it with flair and panache can turn every day into a special occasion.

Here, we feature some of our favorite accessories to help you serve your homemade ice cream in the style it deserves. You’ll find many more, too, in our ice cream accessories store.

Scoops and Spades

The first step in serving ice cream is dishing it out. Do yourself a favor and use the right utensil!

Using a spoon and having it bend backward like a pretzel without even making a dent in your ice cream is a disincentive right there. A good ice cream scoop or spade is essential. Check out what we think are the best ice cream scoop and ice cream spades. You won't believe the difference the right spoon makes.

The Right Bowl

ice cream accessories - ice cream dish

Whether you prefer an old fashioned glass ice cream dish or some more playful modern ice cream dishes, what you serve in really sets the tone of the party. From formal, to ethnic, to just plain fun and whimsy, ice cream bowls can change the whole atmosphere. Choose the right one for any occasion in our ice cream bowl store!

Ice Cream Spoons

ice cream accessories - ice cream spoons

They're classy, fun, silly, elegant or really tacky. Like the ice cream bowls you choose, the spoons you use help create the experience you want. Choose from some of our favorite ice cream spoons.


ice cream accessories - ice cream container

After making your ice cream, store it in an appropriate container. If you're having a party, you could also let guests serve themselves from an attractive ice cream serving dish. We've put together a collection of ice cream containers for you to choose from, both fanciful and practical in our ice cream container store.

Popsicle Molds

Popsicle molds add a whole new dimension of fun to all your ice cream or sorbet recipes. Here's what to look for in popsicle molds and our list of favorites. ( For the Zoku Quick Pop Maker - definitely not a traditional popsicle mold - click here.) Or browse our popsicle mold store:

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