Ice Cream Freezers

Ice cream freezers evoke the lazy summer days of yore in a way little else can. They call up images of wooden porches, rolling fields and shades of Little House on the Prairie, children chasing lighting bugs and adults keeping an eye on them from rocking chairs.

Perhaps these images of well-deserved rest arise from the effort that had to be put into things before one could reap any benefits. In this way, even the modern-day electric ice cream freezers may be more than appliances; they help build character.

Yes, you can make astoundingly good ice cream at home. You will have to work for it, however. And that, actually, is part of the fun and mystique of old fashioned ice cream makers: it becomes an experience, something to be shared, a focus around which to weave family memories.

ice cream freezers

Electric versions are still old fashioned contraptions – just minus the elbow grease required by hand-crank ice cream makers. Unless you are specifically looking for nostalgia or the aeration control that only a hand crank machine can give you, there's no other real reason to go manual.

These machines have an internal canister nestled inside a larger bucket. You pour your ingredients in the internal canister, then fill the space around it with layers of ice and rock salt. The reaction between the ice and salt generates low temperatures that chill the canister while it churns.

Electric models have a motor that rotates the inner canister, so you don't have to do it manually. They come with sturdy plastic buckets or the more authentic-looking wooden buckets.

Even the cheapest machines typically turn out superb ice cream. Many people feel the end result is so much better than what they'd get from a canister model that it is worth the effort and fuss of dealing with huge quantities of ice and salt.

If you don't live in area where you can buy ice in large quantities, however, choose a gel-canister electric ice cream maker or a compressor ice cream maker instead. Ice cream freezers require more ice than you'd probably be able to make in a home refrigerator.

They range in cost from $20 to $180.

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