Ice Cream Maker Accessories:
what you need to make ice cream

In perfecting your ice cream making skills, a few ice cream maker accessories will come in handy. Here are the utensils you'll need to make ice cream.

(If you're looking for things like ice cream bowls, the best ice cream scoop, spoons and other fun stuff to serve your ice cream in style, click here for our Fun ice cream accessories page.)

In addition to your ice cream maker, you'll also want the following:

  • A 1-1/2 quart saucepan – for heating milk and cooking custard bases. Most ice cream recipes call for about a quart of milk and cream, and you have to leave room for the other ingredients as well.

  • Several mixing bowls – for beating eggs, mixing ingredients and cooling bases

  • A metal sieve – for straining bases

  • A whisk – for whisking eggs and ingredients together

  • A wooden spoon – for stirring custard bases while they cook and testing doneness

  • A spatula – for getting every last drop of goodness in and out of your machine

  • An apron – no sense ruining your clothes while you’re having fun!

You'll also often find it useful to have a blender for blending fruit, making cookie crumbs or crushing nuts and other add-ins. (Click here for a selection of best-rated blenders.) And if you like precise measurements, a candy thermometer is handy to ensure your custard base has reached the correct temperature.

If you're using a gel-canister electric ice cream maker but would like the option of making more than one batch or flavor of ice cream within 24 hours, you'll want to get an extra canister (or two, or three …). When buying a canister by itself, make sure you are getting the correct one for your brand and model of ice cream maker.

Should the plastic paddle or lid of your Cuisinart ice cream maker needs to be replaced, and it isn't under warranty any longer – this does happen on rare occasions – you can find replacements here. Again, make sure to get the right model for your machine.

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