Host the Perfect Ice Cream Party

An ice cream party is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, holiday or even National Ice Cream Day or month. As with any other successful party, half the fun is in planning ahead what you're going to do for: food, decoration, entertainment and party favors.

ice cream party cone

The Ice Cream

Of course, the centerpiece of such a party is the ice cream itself. Homemade ice cream will make your party stand out from all the rest. Choose an array of exotic flavors for a trendy, more grownup gathering. But if you're short on time, why not buy or make a large batch of vanilla ice cream and set out a "make your own Sundae" buffet, with a variety of cut fruit, nuts, toppings and sauces. Click here for our varied flavors of ice cream, or try one of our scrumptious vanilla ice cream recipes.

The Decorations

A themed party such as this deserves appropriate decorations. Ice cream-themed paper plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths add a festive air – and make clean up a breeze! Click here for an assortment of yummy ice cream party supplies.

The Entertainment

It's the theme of the party after all, so why not start things off with an ice cream trivia quiz?

Then follow up with an ice cream game or two.

And how about making it a dress up party? Have everyone come in costume! Costumes can even be part of the entertainment if making your own costume becomes a party activity.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with some party favors and you can be sure they'll remember what a wonderful time they had with you! Click here for some really fun ice cream party favors.

All it takes is a little planning (and lots of ice cream!) - and you'll host the perfect party!

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