Ice Cream Production
Facts and Figures

If it is numbers and statistics that you're after, here are some ice cream production facts and figures for you. (Want to learn about professional ice cream manufacture? See below):

Which country produces the most ice cream? The US, not surprisingly – 1.54 billion gallons of it in 2008. Next in line: Canada, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland.

ice cream production line

Which countries consume the most ice cream? Guess what – it isn't the US. The honor goes to New Zealand. New Zealanders lap up 23 liters of ice cream per person per year. Following the kiwis are the US (18.3 liters per person per year), Australia (18 liters liters per person per year), Finland (14 liters per person per year), Sweden, Belgium/Luxembourg, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Denmark.

The world's biggest exporters of ice cream? Surprisingly, they aren’t the biggest consumer or producer. They are Belgium, France and Germany, who together export 45% of world ice cream exports.

Learn About Professional Ice Cream Production

Want to know more about the technical side of commercial ice cream manufacture? Consider taking a course in ice cream technology. In the US, the Ice Cream Short Course – a 7-day course taught in January at Penn State – has been running since 1925! Or try one of the specialized courses offered by the Gelato and Pastry Institute of America.

In the U.K., the Ice Cream Alliance offers regular training seminars in ice cream manufacture Click here for the latest offerings. The site also links to other training programs.

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