Ice Cream Trivia:
Test your grasp of ice cream facts with this fun ice cream quiz

Are you an ice cream trivia whiz? Test your knowledge of ice cream facts or that of your friends with our ice cream quiz.

Use the questions below to play a round of "trivial pursuit” at an ice cream party, or as a way of honoring National Ice Cream Day or National Ice Cream Month. This quiz has enough fun ice cream facts for each day of the month of July.

You might be surprised at some of the answers you get to the following questions!

The Ice Cream Facts Quiz:
Ice Cream Trivia For Every Day of the Month!

  1. Who proclaimed July national ice cream month in the U.S.?

    Answer: Ronald Reagan made it an official US holiday in 1984.

  2. What's the unofficial ice-cream themed day called in the UK?

    Answer: It's called National Free Scoop Day. An iniatiative of the Ice Cream Alliance, a British organization of merchants, suppliers, caterers and manufacturers in the ice cream trade. The organization also sponsors regional exhibits, workshops and continuing education programs in ice cream making. In 2010, National Free Scoop Day was held on April 1.

  3. What's the world's favorite ice cream flavor?

    Answer: Vanilla tops all other flavors by a big margin. Chocolate runs a distant second.

  4. Which rock band had an ice cream flavor named after it?

    Answer: The Beatles, of course. Baskin Robbins made Beatle Nut ice cream for the band's first visit to America.

  5. Which rock star had a flavor named after him?

    Answer: Jerry Garcia. Why did you think Ben and Jerry's flavor was named Cherry Garcia? No groans now!

  6. Which U.S. president jotted down an ice cream recipe?

    Answer: Thomas Jefferson. He wrote down a vanilla ice cream recipe for his cook.

  7. Where does Haagen Daz ice cream come from?

    Answer: No, it isn't really Danish. It's made in New York. The original maker thought Denmark had a good marketing image and so did all he could to make his gourmet ice cream sound Danish.

  8. Which dictator banned the sale of ice cream throughout his country?

    Answer: Mussolini. Even though Italy is the birthplace of ice cream, he thought the confection was "too American."

  9. Who called the Italians "a mediocre race of good-for-nothings only capable of singing and eating ice cream"?

    Answer: Same guy – Mussolini again.

  10. Which country's military delivered pints of ice cream right to soldiers in the foxholes during WW II?

    Answer: The US Army

  11. Which country's Prime Minister, before entering politics, helped create soft-serve ice cream?

    Answer:The U.K. - Margaret Thatcher was part of a team of chemists who invented the soft-serve ice cream making process and made it commercially viable.

  12. Neapolitan ice cream is usually made of chocolate, vanilla and which third flavor – pistachio, strawberry or cappuccino?

    Answer: Strawberry

  13. Most ice cream in the US is sold in pint, half-gallon or gallon containers?

    Answer: Half-gallon containers account for over 80% of ice cream sales.

  14. Which country comes in first as the world's biggest per capita consumer of ice cream?

    Answer: New Zealand, where the yearly per capita ice cream consumption is 23 liters!

  15. The first ad for ice cream appeared in the US in what year?

    Answer: 1777

  16. How did the ice cream sundae get its name?

    Answer: Ice cream sundaes were invented when religious conservatives claimed ice cream sodas were too sinfully good to have on Sundays. Undaunted, ice cream shop owners held back on the soda water, thus creating the ice cream sundae.

  17. Of the vanilla beans used in the ice cream industry, 80% are grown in which country?

    Answer: Madagascar

  18. Fossil Fuel, Imagine Whirled Peace, Phish Food, Everything but the … , Mission to Marzipan, Berried Treasure, The Peanut Gallery – which one is not a Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

    Answer: The Peanut Gallery

  19. Horse meat ice cream flavor is particular to which country?

    Answer: Japan. Other Japanese ice cream flavors you might not find elsewhere include fish, octopus, crab, eggplant, rice, bean, whale and oyster.

  20. What percentage of ice cream novelties – popsicles, cones and ice cream sandwiches – are eaten by grown ups: 5%, 10%, 25% or 50%?

    Answer: 50%

  21. Which US state once had a law that banned serving ice cream on cherry pie?

    Answer: Kansas

  22. Where did the first Ben and Jerry’s store open – in a strip mall, a former drive-through bank or an old gas station?

    Answer: In an old gas station

  23. How many licks, on average, does it take to eat up a single-scoop serving of ice cream on a cone?

    Answer: Fifty – but why not hold a contest and see for yourself?

  24. More ice cream is sold on this day of the week than any other. Which day is it?

    Answer: Sunday

  25. What percentage of North American households buy ice cream?

    Answer: 98%

  26. Which two of these three groups eat the most ice cream? Children aged 2 – 12 years, adults 20-30, adults over 45 years old.

    Answer: Children aged 2 – 12 years and adults over 45 years old.

  27. Which brand of ice cream was the first taken into space?

    Answer: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – it was included in the supplies of the space shuttle.

  28. Which contains more fat and sugar – ice cream or gelato?

    Answer: Ice cream. Gelato is typically made with less butter fat and less sugar, and is frozen in small batches, so it is less aerated and denser than typical ice cream.

  29. Which of these is not a frozen dessert: spoom, khulfi, patbingsu, halo halo, malabi or piragua?

    Answer: Malabi – it’s an Israeli rice-flour custard. The others are all frozen desserts from around the world: Spoom is British, Patbingsu is popular in Korea, Halo Halo hails from the Philippines, Piragua is Puerto Rican and Khulfi is of Indian origin.

  30. Which famous author made the comment, "We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend so we buy ice cream"?

    Answer: Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  31. What's the most popular ice cream topping in the world?

    Answer: Chocolate syrup. Whipped cream comes a close second though.

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