How to Start An Ice Cream Truck Franchise

An ice cream truck franchise may be the perfect choice if you are considering a business in ice cream trucks but don't want to start from scratch as an independent operator. If you're willing to work hard on your business but don't want to reinvent the wheel, then franchising may be for you.

With the world-wide economic downturn, there's actually been an upsurge in people interested in franchising. The great advantage of the franchise business model is that the business has already been proven to work. It has already branded itself. There is an operating system already in place. Marketing and sales materials are already drawn up for you. Many franchisees benefit from discounts on supplies through central purchasing agreements. In other words, much of the leg work of setting up a business has already been done.

A Good Humor Ice Cream truck

In exchange for these benefits, you buy a franchise and pay the franchise company a monthly fee. They provide you with the right to use the franchisor's name for a limited time, and various degrees of assistance. For example, they may provide initial training and an operating manual and advise you on marketing, as well as newsletters and seminars.

Franchises save you much trouble initially and may increase your chances of success, since you'll be operating according to a proven business model or system.

On the other hand, it may cost more to buy a franchise than to start up on your own, and you do give up quite a bit of control over your business. For example, if you buy a ice cream truck franchise, you probably won't be allowed to paint peace signs, purple cows or your kids’ portraits onto your ice cream truck, but you might still get a pretty snappy white uniform.

When you buy a franchise, you enter into a legal contractual agreement with a large company. The Federal Trade Bureau’s Buying a Franchise: A Consumer Guide is a free downloadable booklet that guides you through all the issues you need to consider. It's definitely worth a read before you commit to buying your business.

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