Lello Ice Cream Maker Reviews

The Lello ice cream maker line includes only self-cooling units – no canisters to pre-freeze, no ice or salt to deal with. What could be better? The totally amazing ice cream you’ll get from every Lello Lussino ice cream maker.

Lello machines are the top-of-the-line compression ice cream makers around and once you've tasted the results - ice cream that is unbelievably, superlatively better than any you've ever made with any other maching - we doubt you'll regret a penny of the cost.

lello ice cream maker

Lello Musso Pola 5030

This Italian company makes outstanding machines: Well built, well designed and easy to use. There are several models:

All four of these machines make ice cream that is uniformly outstanding. You'll have to decide which machine you want based on the use you intend to put it through:

  • Are you running a cafe or making dessert for a family of two?

  • How much space do you have on your counter?

  • Will you be moving it often? (The first two aren't exactly lightweight machines!)

  • And what's your budget?

Note that the last two units, which cost somewhat less than the 4080 Musso Lussino, are actually gelato makers. They'll result in a denser product.

Whichever one of these you get, you won't go wrong - the next gourmet-quality ice cream you serve will be yours.

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