Making Ice Cream:
Friends and Resources

When making ice cream, we all sometimes need a little inspiration or specialized information. This is where we list resources that may help you in your journey to becoming the best ice cream maker you can be.

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In addition to resources to help you along on your making ice cream journey, below you'll find more than a simple list of other website links: this is also where we share our friends with you, those websites that have been helpful and generous to us, and those that are just simply too good to pass up.

And, there's a list of professional ice cream organizations for those of you who want to take your ice cream making to the next level. Click on the quick links below to jump to the section you're looking for.

Home and Family, Food and Recipes,
Ice Cream and Dairy Associations

Home and Family

Savvy Homemade
Is dedicated to sharing money saving ideas, homemade projects, ways to go green, and how to live in an unstable economy by learning to make your own things instead of always buying them.

Crib Mattress Guide
Useful crib mattress buying tips will help you choose the safest baby mattress for your precious baby.

To blog or build a website? Which is right for you? Here's a great resource to help you decide. If you do decide to blog, the website How To Blog is a good place to start.

Speaking of inspiration, if you're making homemade ice cream for a birthday party, why not accompany it with a special poem? You can share hundreds of free birthday poems and birthday quotes from Special Birthday Poems, where you can even post your own poetry.

Food and Recipes

Kids' Meal Ideas
Feeding the troops day after day can be a challenge. Kids Meal Ideas comes to the rescue with lots of healthy kids meals and kid friendly dinner recipes.

Our friends at Best Juicer Reviews and Ratings recommend using these wheatgrass juicers for healing your body and boosting your immune system.

Not Just Recipes
If you're looking for an excellent resource for more dessert recipes as well as many other healthy alternatives, this is a site for you!

Gingerbread Houses and All Things Gingerbread
Gingerbread house recipes, decorating ideas, kits, patterns, and loads of gingerbread photos for inspiration. Find your inner child by building a gingerbread house.

My Greek Recipes
Easy healthy recipes based on the Greek Mediterranean diet.

Ice Cream and Dairy Associations

The International Dairy Foods Association

International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors

U.S. National Ice Cream Retailers Association

New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association

Euroglace: European Ice Cream Association

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