National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month was instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and set in the month of July. He also designated the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day.

national ice cream month - boys eating ice cream

Sounds fanciful? Actually, it was more than mere whimsy. Ice cream is an important part of the American economy. It is consumed by over 90% of the population. More than 9% of the U.S. milk production goes toward making ice cream. And the ice cream industry generates $21 billion a year in sales, providing employment for tens of thousands of people.

So, the official celebration of National Ice Cream Day is not only a chance to enjoy a favorite food, but also a salute to a major sector of the country’s economy.

Read President Reagan's proclamation here.

The proclamation enjoined Americans to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Want to do the month justice? We have a few suggestions on how to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. There's no reason you can't apply them all month long!

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