Sorbet Recipes

This section is devoted to sorbet recipes. What is sorbet? Here's where to find out – exactly.

Why make sorbet instead of ice cream? They are lighter, delicious and often lower in fat, since they are dairy free. (Click here for our non dairy, soy milk ice cream recipes page.)

For the smoothest texture, it’s best to use an ice cream machine to churn the sorbet, just like you would ice cream. Without one, the texture is more likely to be icy, which is more typical of granitas.

Raspberry sorbet

Sorbets tend to be quite dense. For this reason, they are often served in smaller scoops. Because of the higher water content, they also freeze harder than ice cream. Remember to take your sorbet out of the freezer a few minutes before serving time, so it has a chance to soften a bit.

To avoid this, you can also add a tablespoon of liqueur, either one with a complimentary taste, or vodka, which can make the flavors of your other ingredients pop, without being noticeable itself. This will result in a softer, easier to scoop dessert.

There are few things more refreshing on a hot summer day, particularly when you take advantage of ripe in-season fruits. There are not a lot of other ingredients in these recipes, so the quality of the fruit is paramount. You can't hide over-ripe bananas or under-ripe berries here. Use the best you can find.

For a really fun treat that kids adore, try making these, or any of our ice creams, in popsicle molds - here's how.


Mango sorbet

Orange Chocolate sorbet

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