A Soy Ice Cream Recipe for Colds and Flu

This soy ice cream recipe is unique in among our non-dairy ice cream recipes - it's not just dessert, it's a cold remedy too.

This particular soy ice cream recipe was inspired by Nicky at delicious:days, one of my favorite award-winning food blogs. She posted a recipe for a tea to help soothe colds and named it Thylehogichi, an abbreviation of its main ingredients: thyme, lemon, ginger and chili. (Click here for some more mainstream soy ice cream and healthy ice cream recipes.)

Well, I was very happy because I'd been brewing almost the same concoction for my family for years whenever anyone was ill, but we never knew what to call it. Then, I got to thinking that when someone's got a sore throat, ice cream can be just as soothing – if not more so – as tea.

So after a few experiments in the test lab, we came up with Rolehogichi. Why the name change? We substituted rosemary for the thyme. Rosemary has pain-killing and anti-bacterial properties, in addition to being a decongestant. (As an aside, research suggests it actually helps improve memory function, something even William Shakespeare mentions in one of his plays – don't ask me which, my Shakespeare is rusty.)

soy ice cream recipe

Non-dairy ice cream recipes are much better for you when you have a cold or flu. For a smoother, soothing ice cream, we used soy cream, rather than soy milk, and an egg. Use organic eggs if you can, to prevent the congestion many people suffer from when they eat non-organic eggs.

You can easily omit the chili if you're making this for kids who don't like spicy food, but it is a natural pain killer.

The recipe below makes two servings. If you’ve got a houseful of sniffley noses, though, you might want to multiply it to serve more.

soy ice cream recipe


1 Tbsp rosemary
1 Tbsp freshly ground ginger, or 1-2 slices ginger root
1 C (250 ml) soy cream
1 small chili, seeded and sliced
1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp of vanilla essence
2/3 C honey
1 egg, preferably organic
Juice of 1 lemon

  1. Wrap the rosemary and ginger in a small piece of cheesecloth and tie.

  2. Place the cheesecloth bag in a small pot with the cream.

  3. Add one or two slices of chili, depending on your tolerance for spiciness.

  4. Slice open a vanilla bean, scrape seeds into the cream and put in the pod.

  5. Heat over medium flame until hot.

  6. Place a thin-meshed sieve over a bowl and strain the cream.

  7. Beat the egg, then slowly pour in some of the hot cream.

  8. Combine the two and return to pan.

  9. Cook over medium flame until the mixture thickens.

  10. Place the sieve over a bowl containing the honey and lemon juice and strain the cream over them. Mix well.

  11. Chill for an hour.

  12. If using vanilla essence instead of a bean, add it to the chilled mixture now.

  13. Pour in ice cream machine.

Feel better soon!

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