The Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Not your usual popsicle molds!

The Zoku quick pop maker is an appliance in a category all by itself. When was the last time a popsicle mold earned design award after award?

Unlike traditional popsicle molds, this invention applies the same gel-canister technology used by most electric ice cream makers to the popsicle. Why no one ever thought of this until now is a mystery – but then again, we didn't think of it either!

Zoku quick pop maker

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

This thing has won award after award, including a VIP (very innovative product) Award from Good Housekeeping – no small feat! It was also voted Top Tool or Gadget in the UK and won the Housewares Design Award 2011 Best in Cookware, as well as several other prominent design awards.

OK – so the design is nice. The Zoku looks good. But why all the hoopla?

Well, pops, it turns out, are one of the fastest growing trends in the dessert industry. You could fork out appalling sums of money for a few gourmet pops to serve your guests … or you could make them yourself in under 15 minutes, using this.

If you're a mom, as we all are here, you didn't need that bit of trend info to know that pops are always a hit a home. Besides being a treat for kids, homemade pops allow you to provide your children snacks made only with the healthy ingredients you want them to have.

True, you could use a traditional Popsicle mold (we review the best here), but the Zoku impresses with its unbeatable, quick freezing time.

It is also so simple to use that you can let older kids do it themselves. If you really insist on teaching them delayed gratification, you could store it in a cupboard and teach the kids to freeze it 24 hours ahead of time. But then again – the temptation of having a pop at the ready in 10 minutes might have you storing it in the freezer before you know it.

You can make up to three batches of three pops without having to re-freeze the base, but each batch will take a bit longer to freeze.

The lightning-fast freezing is how the Zoku pushes the envelope with what's possible from a popsicle. Multiple layers? Designs? Not possible with a traditional mold unless you're willing to spend three or four days creating a pop. Now, it is a matter of mere minutes.

Zoku quick pop in geometric pattern

Pour in one flavor of ice cream base or juice, wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute, add a different colored layer and repeat once more if you wish and you’ll have a perfectly layered multi-color pop.

In fact, there's a whole subculture growing around this product – people devoted to creating ever more intricate, gorgeous popsicles – stars, stripes, hearts, you name it!

zoku quick pop with heart design

Any Cons? Yes, there are a few: it only makes three pops at a time, and you have to take all the pops out at once.

The latter isn't that much of a problem – finding a taker for any extra pops isn't usually hard! But what if you have more than three people to serve?

The company handles that problem by selling a pop storage case that will hold six pops upright in the freezer, so you can make more. It also provides a few other accessories, such as extra popsicle sticks (the unit only comes with six sticks and drip guards, all reusable).

Zoku quick pops storage case

Storage Case

The Quick Pop Tools Set allows you to really get creative. In addition to three pour cups, the kit comes with a heart and star stencil, fruit wand, siphon and angle tray that allow to create insanely complicated designs that will surpass anything you could find at a pop shop.

Zoku Quick Pop Tools

Quick Pop Tools Set

You might have to be a bit more patient, since the fancier designs take a little longer to freeze, but you can't help but be amazed at what you can do with these tools. How would you like to be serving pops that look like this?

Zoku quick pop maker pops in various designs

Zoku Popsicle Recipes

If you really get into pop-making, you'll also want the essential Zoku Popsicle Recipes cookbook, Quick Pops to help you concoct some pops any adult would be thrilled to have.

Zoku Quick Pops Recipe book

Although not necessary – you could easily use any recipe from our best homemade ice cream recipe index for all flavors (and we highly recommend you do!) – the nice thing about this cookbook is that each recipe makes exactly the right amount for the Zoku machine. Plus there's loads of inspiration to get your creative juices really cookin'!

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