“Payroll Tax Exemption” Debunked

  • February 5, 2020

Payroll services can be of great help to businesses looking to outsource their current payroll to a professional. Sometimes there can be confusion on the part of the business owner as to what counts as an actual exemption for payroll tax and what doesn’t. Professionals are able to help you and your business understand this seemingly complicated process.

Understanding Payroll Taxes

In order to know what counts as payroll tax exemption, it is vital to understand the meaning of payroll taxes first. Payroll tax is simply the state or federal tax that is taken as part of what your business pays its employees, and is based on the wages that you pay out each year. There is a certain level of pay, or a threshold if you will, that is stated for each company based on where they are at currently. If the business exceed this threshold, then they are responsible for paying what is due to the federal government for the year.

By using payroll outsourcing, you are able to save your business and your employees a lot of hassle. With the help of a professional, you should be able to better understand the threshold laws as well as stay within them with ease.

Defining Payroll Tax Exemption

There is much confusion going around about being able to claim a payroll tax exemption. The difficulty with this is that just because your business may be under the threshold for payroll tax doesn’t mean that your business is exempt from the payroll tax altogether. If you are not aware of this, you could be considered as evading the law and face huge fines later on for it.

The tax threshold varies depending on the size of your business, but should always be kept an eye on. This is because if your business has unprecedented growth within the next year, you could very well end up paying for this tax anyway. It would also count for the whole year, not just the period of time that your business went over the threshold, so it is vital to begin setting aside the 5.45% of what would be due should your business surpass the payroll tax threshold. Payroll outsourcing is a great way to stay on top of all of this for your business.

Does Your Business Qualify?

There are very specific guidelines for what businesses can claim an actual payroll tax exemption. For the most part, this includes the following list of organizations:

  • Hospitals
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Charities
  • Government Departments
  • Schools

While this list may actually vary depending on where you live and the laws that govern that area, it is most likely that you will not qualify for the exemption unless you have an organization that falls under this list. Professionals in payrollserviceaustralia.com.au will also be able to help you clear up any concerns you may have.

This should definitely help to clarify any confusion and make it much clearer to you as a business owner what your true responsibilities are so that you don’t fall into a trap of believing that you qualify for an exemption only to find out later and face audits for it. We are committed here at payrollserviceaustralia.com.au to helping you lead a more financially savvy business. For more details read our article https://www.the-ice-cream-maker.com/payroll-tax-thresholds-limits/

Payroll Tax Thresholds: Know Your Limits

  • February 5, 2020

Understanding both payroll tax and tax thresholds in general can be confusing and frustrating for business owners. Combine the two and it can turn into a financial nightmare. Using payroll services can greatly relieve this burden and help you to understand the process of payroll tax as well as the thresholds that need to be dealt with. ­

What is Payroll Tax?

Payroll tax can be understood as the tax that is applied to the wages or salary of your employees. There is a threshold on this tax, meaning that if you pay out a certain amount, you do not have to pay this tax. The key is to understand how this threshold works so that you don’t have tax issues later on. Payroll services are crucial to helping you succeed in this particular aspect of your business, both now and in the future. Read on to find out more.

Payroll tax in Australia is a whole different ballgame than what can be understood for payroll taxes in other countries such as the United States. Payroll services are also handled differently and there is a lot more to comprehend about the laws of payroll tax and the threshold limits in Australia than in other countries.

Australian Payroll Tax Limits

Payroll outsourcing can be of great help to business owners in Australia. This means being able to work with a professional who can help you decipher all of the legal jargon involved with payroll tax. Understanding payroll and using payroll services in Australia can be crucial as the laws that govern all of the different states are each unique in their own way and all have a massive amount of detailed information involved with being able to run your business properly.

The payroll tax threshold is the amount of money that a business needs to be paying out to the total sum of its employees each year. By knowing what that magic number is, you are better able to prepare the due tax ahead of time or start stowing it away if your business looks like it may reach that threshold in the near future. The tax percentage that you need to pay or save up for is currently 5.45%.

Tax Threshold Percentages and How to Pay

The tax percentage that needs to be either paid or set aside is 5.45% of your employees’ wages or salary. The way that this is billed can vary depending on the amount that you are currently paying out. For example, if your business has a lower estimated tax payable, then you would only need to pay this particular tax once a year. However, if your business has a higher estimated tax payable, you could easily be looking at monthly payments to the government. The site payrollserviceaustralia.com.au is able to help you with all of these details and much more based on what your specific needs are.

The amounts for payroll taxes vary from one state to the next in Australia. However, with great information available and the help of trained finance professionals in payroll outsourcing, you will soon be able to reach your business’ financial goals. Find more details read here https://www.fool.com/taxes/2020/01/25/your-2020-guide-to-tax-deductions.aspx